Merry Meet!

Haven Song Grove is a Neo-Pagan religious group operating in the Blue Star Wiccan tradition. It’s a semi-open group that seeks to build a sense of community here in Richmond, VA.  Eight times a year we hold rituals open to the local pagan community, and year-round we are involved in community out reach programs.

Although Blue Star Wicca uses the traditional terms of Priest and Priestess, we feel that the roles of the officiants of a ritual are jobs, unrelated to the gender or sex or sexuality of the body doing the work. We feel that as jobs, the person selected should be the best qualified (whatever that means at the time) for the position, regardless of their physical, spiritual, or mental gender/sex. Our main focus is to worship the Gods, and we want to find the right people for the job every time.

Blue Star was founded in the mid-1970s, but traces its lineage back through the American Welsh and Alexandrian traditions (you can learn more about Blue Star Wicca here).  Our small grove was founded in 2010 as a study group, led by then-Neophyte, Willow, with guidance from her own teacher in Compass Rose Coven (based in MO).  In September of 2011, Willow became a First Degree Initiate of Blue Star Wicca, and the study group quickly grew into a full fledged grove.

For more information about Blue Star and/or Haven Song Grove, please feel free to contact Willow at spookyhandle [at] gmail [dot] com.