July 17, 2020

Since its founding in 1975, the tradition of Blue Star Wicca has undergone many transformations and been influenced by many people. Among the early influences, the biggest were perhaps Kenny Klein and his then-wife, Tzipora Katz. Together, they toured as folk musicians, facilitating the growth and spread of Blue Star.

In 2014 Kenny Klein was arrested on child pornography charges, and in 2017 he was convicted. In the wake of his arrest, many accusations of abuse and misconduct resurfaced, or came to light for the first time. Blue Star Wicca is intentionally without a single, central power, and consequently has no official mechanism for banishing or repudiating its members. However, several statements were issued by autonomous Groves and Coven, which condemned Klein and his actions and declared him unfit to work as a Priest in our tradition. These statements were signed by the issuing Initiates, as well as large numbers of Blue Star Initiates on behalf of their Covens or Groves. Among these signatures was that of the High Priestess of Haven Song Coven and Grove, on behalf of herself and all of Haven Song.

On July 11, 2020, Kenny Klein died from pancreatic cancer while in custody. We respect those who are in mourning and recognize the complicated feelings his passing brings up for many people. Nonetheless, we feel it is important to reaffirm that our stance on Klein and his actions are unchanged.

Haven Song Coven and Grove, located in the Richmond, VA area, along with the below signed, including unaffiliated Initiates, continue to stand against abuse of all kinds. We continue to strive to make our Coven, our Grove, and the wider tradition a safe place for all our family, friends, and guests.

Bone, Second Degree, High Priestess of Haven Song Coven and Grove

Marrow, First Degree, (High) Priest of of Haven Song Coven and Grove

Antler, First Degree, Wellspring Coven

Heartsong, Second Degree, High Priestess of Rogue Star Grove

Lady River/Diana McCleery, Third Degree, Minneapolis

Jack, Third Degree, High Priestx of Sapphire Coven and Grove
Rosa, First Degree, (High) Priestess of Sapphire Coven and Grove

Freyjasdรณtter, First Degree, Covenless

Lapis, First Degree, Wellspring Coven